See thru Beauty!

When I first started installing shower doors in 1980 the options where very limited. You had a choice of silver or gold frame and clear or obscure glass ( one or two choices of pattern). They were bulky and hard to clean. Oh boy have we come along way since then.

Now framed doors are streamlined with minimal metal. Finishes are almost limitless. Many standard finishes and custom colors are possible. There are many patterns of glass available also.

Pattern glass is great (in my opinion) in shower or baths that are used all the time by children and guest baths. They require less maintenance and hide the bath toys of the little ones and the many cosmetic products of teenagers.

BUT...when it comes to the Master Bath or any other bathrooms that features beautiful tile work and elegant fixtures you want to show it off and enjoy the craftsmanship everytime you enter the room.

I have installed many mirrors over the decades also and have the same philosophy with mirrors as I do with shower doors. When done right they should almost go unnoticed. They should enhance the room and be the crowning jewel.

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