Protecting your investment

Weather updating your shower door or remodeling your entire bathroom, your choice of a quality shower enclosure is no small matter. A clear glass shower enclosure opens up your bathroom and shows off the craftsmanship of the showers walls and fixtures. Maintenance of the glass in very important.

Cleaning the inside of the shower enclosures after every use is necessary to keep away soap build up and hard water stains. Lets face the facts though not even the most consistant homeowner to this routine always has the time. That is why protecting your investment is very important.

Surface protection on the interior of the shower enclosure is offered in two ways. self application and factory application.

Self application: Applied by the technician or homeowner. I use TCP Surface Protector. For those that don`t mind the occasional reapplication this would be the most cost effective coating.

Factory: Coated by the manufacturer. I use Enduroshield or Cardinal 10. This option will make for a more maintenance free door, but the additional cost can add 15 to 20%.

As part of "The Deal" offered on my website I will apply the first coating of the TPC Surface Protector for free. Additional application, when needed, can be done by the homeowner in little time. TPC covers 15 sq. ft. per oz. Factory coating last 10+ years and only needs lite periodical cleaning.

So when investing in a beautiful clear glass shower enclosure protect it!

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