Oh No !!!, That`s not good, How did that happen?

I get it. After a year or so of living the challenges of having a new home built or the months of demolition and construction of a remodel or addition, these are words you do not want to hear.

When I show up at the home to measure the new custom shower it is at the end of this long process. At this point me and my levels get to know the walls, sill, bench and any other surface that involves the new shower enclosure. I check the level and plumb to have the glass cut to fit as close as possible. I ascertain the location of all hardware ( clips, hinges, handles,towel bars, etc.) Make a field drawing,double and triple check, and leave. I then go back to my office to generate a shop drawing including all the pertinent information and send it off to be fabricated.

At this point it is out of my hands. The order is entered into a program that generates a cut sheet. This shows all the detailed information, what size to cut, which edges are polished, notches and hole sizes and location for hardware. This information is sent to the glass fabricator. The hardware is pulled from inventory or ordered if not a stock item. Once the supplier has the order in total ( glass and hardware) it is sent to me. This process usually take 2 - 3 weeks. Then I schedule for installation. I then come to your house, install the unit, get paid and everyone is happy. If it only happened that way!

Most of the time this is exactly how it goes. Everyone involved is a professional. The day to day process is executed flawlessly. Almost.

I thought I would write a list of some possibilities to be aware of when waiting for your new custom shower enclosure. These things happen to all of us. No matter how thorough we are.

  1. Wrong measurement. With the unforgiving tolerances, reading or writing down the wrong measurement will throw the whole thing off. Tempered glass can not be changed. This includes wrong sizes being entered into the computer program that produces the size the glass is to be cut or the CNC machine that cuts the glass and all the required holes and notches. This is usually not revealed until installation. Besides all the disappointment it could add another 2 weeks or so for reorder.

  2. Hardware back orders. Not all hardware is in stock. This can hold up delivery and installation.

  3. Damage. When unit is received, glass is checked for damage and hardware is accounted for. Hopefully all is well, but sometimes damage is not seen until installation.

  4. Breakage. This is probably the most uncommon problem, but it is glass that is being transported.

  5. Unforeseen. From vehicle breakdowns to illness and emergencies. These things happen.

My point is that when I show up to install your custom shower it is often the very end of your project. At this point you have gone through a lot and just want to enjoy your new investment. I will always try to make it a pleasant experience, but please be aware of possibilities and allow the time in your project and mind.

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